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  • Government of Arc, of an Arc.
  • Government of Spark.
  • Arcist. An Arcist.
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Archist ∆
  • --> The power of the arcist. the arcist and the arc of life and spirit making. < -- My UoA Study since e piritus anima began as study.

He was arcist, Producing a spark with his hands, until he did magic on electric lines and cellphones; now he is anarcist of those electronics vulnerabilities.

He was an old christian, and did not like magic. He acted like anarkist of my belief and as anarcist of the way i arc my energy from the fingers, as if jealousy is a crime.

When the christians invaded the heathens of nothern europe, they told us we were evil for not being anarcist and against magic, like them selves, or anarkists of our belief like the invasion of the american tribes, or anarchist of my town and states with the recent messages of pentagrams in our skies via chemtrail planes. Tier armies.

The demons say to me looking like men, come tear down creation... all the things the gods have built, like trees and ecosystems to make our homes and alters, we are not evil because this book is not evil, this is not magic it is electricity and radio.

If from my hand, i can produce a spark with the mind (see pma or radar), like ive demonstrated among others, i am arcist. Let me ask, do i construct or deconstruct the spark. Love or dislike electricity, or maybe its something more than electricity... and then the christians... anarcist of the magica they once loved, some of them. Where ios the construction and the deconstruction of the self, reltvie to what belief? The arcist here, can achieve in more than one way. for the arcist of UoA, its practice among men able to literally, and because of schooling otherwise, govern a spark, like making electronics, or personally doing it yourself. The government of a spark is earned, that government of the personal production forthe magical arts, or that government among men... electricity and electronics... the rule... the arcist...

men, machines, aliences, animals... governing a spark, perhaps compared to governing a spark like god or machines for longer than ive been alive, machines and atmosphere of the planets have been governing spraks for trillions of years untold... the gods or demons of the arcist (governing a spark could be found to be very old.)

Legal ∆ (an π perspectives being point are being resolved)
Affiliated with Arcist, property and teaching.